passenger elevator

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  1. Name of product: passenger elevator

  1. Introduction

Southeast hydraulic elevator has reliable hydraulic transmission system and moves smoothly、comfortably、and quietly. Modularized computer controlling system and communication data network make high efficiency and accurate moving control come true and make signal transmission、processing quick and accurate. Computerized software control widely satisfied different demands of different clients.

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Drive system

Hydraulic valve block under oil motor motor thermal protection Silencer hydro-cylinder Pipe rupture valve import from company GMV in Italy (optional products from Booher in Switzerland)

2、Control system

PLC control uses products from Japan MITSUBISHI Company and American Emerson Company.

Circuit breaker uses Sino -Swiss joint venture ABB Company produced products.

Contactor uses Sino-French joint venture Schneider Inc products

Door system

Door operator frequency converter uses American Emerson company products.

Door protection system uses far infrared light curtain protection


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