escalator and conveyor

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  1. Name of product:escalator and conveyor 

  1. Information of product

Brand name: Kasper

Model number: KA-ESM    KA-ESRM

Manufacture standard: GB7588

Place of origin: china 

  1. Main technical parameter

Product name: escalator          type: In door, out of door

Speed range: 0.5m/s-0.65m/s     step width range: 600mm-1000mm

Angle of inclination: 30°  35°     Maximum travelling height: 15m

Decoration: Stainless steel        applicable place: market、office building

Product name: conveyor            type: In door, out of door

speed range: 0.5m/s-0.65m/s        stair width range: 800mm-1000mm

Angle of inclination: 0°-6°  /10°-12°  Maximum travelling height: 6m

Decoration: Stainless steel          applicable place: market、public traffic

  1. 4. Product Introduction

As a professional elevator manufacturer in Germany,Kasper have more than 70 years experience in elevator development and produce.For its advanced technology and super-excellent quality.Kasper’s products have already spread a lot of countries and provided perfect solution for vertical traffic.

Upholding the original Germany technology and management,combing with the local customer demands characters,Kasper provides economical,fashionable and high-quality products to satisfy their requirements. We contiuously create new step together with china society and make a better life for chinese people.

Kasper escalator and conveyor combine the elegant design with perfect function configuration.Its skillful and valued,soft and missish.The compact and fluent handrail and steady running just like glide water,so perfect and elegance. 

Usage scope

Kasper escalator of business type combines the unique human-oriented technology and the gorgeous innovative design into products.They are safe and reliable,run steadly and silently.Our modular design idea is integrated into each detail,to give everything that can be touched and seen with a sense of elegance and nobility,which makes them processing broad functions and the characteristics of diversification for choice in order to meet the needs of different users and go with the styles and the whole image of the building.

Kasper public traffic type escalator is suitable to install in door and out of door which has many kinds of optional functions to satisfy many demands of customer.

Public traffic type escalator satisfies not only big passenger volumns,long time continuous running,but also sustain all kinds of bad and overcritical environment status. The combination of high accuracy helical gear,deceleration driving device and frequency converted technology make Kasper escalator efficient,energy saving and quiet.It integrates into surroundings from the boisterous outside public traffic system to hotel,shopping center that are compact and comfortable and not only let the passenger enjoy comfort and easy life during up-down oblique journey but also add lustre to gorgeous business environment .
escalator and conveyor
 Control system

Kasper escalator and conveyor adopt

stable computer control system and self diagnosis devices to monitor the escalator and conveyor running. Any malfunction will be displayed on the devices to safeguard its stability.


Kasper escalator and conveyor is equipped with a worm gear developed with state-of-the-art technology, loads are spread out on the meshing gear teeth over a large contact area, so that reduced friction, improved running efficiency and saved electrical energy. Meanwhile its retaining steady and effective reduced noise.

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