China Elevator

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China is the world biggest new elevator market. the total installations had surpassed 400 thousand units by the end of 2002 with annual increase over 60 thousand units. beijing will host the 2008 olympic games and shanghai the 2010 world expo, which definitely boosts the continual prosperity of construction market. with accession to the wto, china has become an open international market and the global elevator enterprises can enjoy a fair competition environment here.

China is also the world largest elevator manufacturing country. there are about 200 elevator manufacturers in china. the unit production in 2002 was over 60 thousand. most of the multinationals of elevator industry have established joint-venture or wholly-owned enterprises in china. the quality complete systems and components can be supplied.

China’s huge elevator market demand and powerful production capacity create tremendous business opportunities, which are worth of close attentions of overseas elevator enterprises and customers.

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