Hospital Elevator

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To cater to the uplifting needs in hospitals, we offer a range of Hospital Elevators / Hospital Lift. Our Hospital Elevators are available in a wide range capable of carrying 13 to 40 persons at a time. We also provide cabin walls finished with stainless steel collapsible channel gate on the demands of the customers. Depending on the specific requirements, we provide automatic doors in our Passenger Hospital Elevators. We have achieved a unique place amidst the Electric Hospital Bed Elevators Manufacturers in Beijing, China.
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Specifications :
Can serve any number of floors.
Door height: 2000, Clear Door Lintel Bottom: 2150 from FFL.
Plan for Manual Swing doors /collapsible doors/Telescopic door is different.
All size are measured in mm.
All Hoist way walls are 230 mm thick Brick of 150mm RCC walls.

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