Panoramic elevator

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  1. Name of product: Panoramic elevator


  1. Information of product

Brand name: Black bear

Manufacture standard: GB7588

Place of origin: china


  1. Main technical parameter

Product name: Panoramic elevator       type: Machine room or machine roomless

speed range: 1.0m/s-2.0m/s            capacity range: 630KG-1600KG

maximum travelling floor: 30F           maximum travelling height: 90m

decoration: multiple standard decoration series

applicable place: Market、office building


Integrated control system

New generation of intellectual vector style integrative control system combines with the elevator control with drive.
It brings about the compact structure, smaller bulk, the more convenient operation and the more advantageous cost performance



It only requires one independent space-well.It solves the problem so that the elevator occupies less space. It removes difficulty in architectural design.

It has the advantages of saving the building time,cost and material. Machine room-less panoramic elevator is backed by smooth installation mode and running efficiency. It becomes the most magical symbol in the building. It is pleasing to the eye.

It merges with the strict and cautious  design thinking.It fully considers the building requirements. It applies the compact traction machine and thin control cabinet.Compared with traditional elevators, it brings about the convenient construction of machine room, reduces the building cost. It leaves a larger space for machine room.

Observation elevator is produced according to people’s further requirements,in which the passengers can see the scenery outside the elevator,and enjoy the visual excitement brought along by modern facilities.The visual field is broad and bright,the shape is unique and delicate,bringing along unique senery for your building,the visual field is extended,and the narrow space is expanded,Observation elevator has very nice appearance,operates steadily and stops accrately with dragging operation.

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