Bed Elevator

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Bed elevator adopts 32 bit micro processor one integrated control system, combine reasonably the drag control system and logical control system. Reduce the connection of control cabinet to least. Buildup effectively the anti-jamming of electronic system and EMC power.
·Bed elevator combine perfectly the coaxial transmission and advanced servo frequency conversion control technology, which can not only make the drive more strong but also make elevator travel smoothly, landing exact, the patient and sickbed can enter and out without any obstacle.
·Bed elevator is high effective, perfect trouble indication and the processing system can indicate the trouble place timely and exactly, repair and maintenance is easy saving maintain time and cost. through special service and friendly hard work spirit, exhibit the special care of human being.

·The headroom of car is high,spacious and bright,good air fluidity,offer a comfort and beautiful feeling to patient and doctors .Human design build comfortable riding space.

·Bed elevator has various door opening options to meet different entering and out requirements. It provides convenience to clerks of hospital .There are many functions configuration as per the special requirement of hospital. meet different requirement from different patient and clerks of hospital .

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