Freight Elevator

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High output efficiency
·freight elevator adopts vector tractive motor and the newest integration microprocessor VVVF control technology, this system with an excellent compatibility and tractility is intelligent, high performance, systematization, light and thin while can keep a high output efficiency, meanwhile, guarantee the precision of speed and torque, make the elevator more stable and comfortable.

·VVVF control system can automatically calculate the best speed-distance (time) curve between floors and accordingly adjust the voltage and frequency of the power continuously, with this real time calculation, the elevator’s efficiency improved remarkably, thus save energy cost and protect environment.


·With slight start electric current, the efficiency of VVVF elevator is 50% higher than AC-2 elevator and nearly 30% higher than ACVV elevator.

Safe and reliable

·Adopts the multi-microcomputers network system. Whenever there is any problem, the system can detect out automatically, and then the elevator will move into special mode, showing the trouble code and prohibit from starting, thus, guarantee the safety.

·The car, support frame, tractive system and guidance system designed by fully considering the features of every type of cargo supporting which strictly meet the requirements for national standard with manufacture, installation and testing from GB7588-2003 ” Safety Rules for Manufacture and Installation of elevators” .
hydraulic freight elevators
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