Luxury Passenger Elevator

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It is designed special for high class hotel, buildings and apartment of domestic .

 ·The Luxury passenger elevator adopts international advanced micro-processor intellective system ,integrated control technology ,combine permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction technology ,take the idea of green environment protection, meet the saving policy of establishing economy society and making economy products sparkplug by the state. We persist improving and develop this elevator ,as a green , environment protection elevator it will replace all the traditional ones. It has the characteristics of small machine room,technology maturation,top grade,all complete configuration, safe,high efficiency,energy saving,environment protection etc.e Luxury passenger elevator adopts permanent –magnetic synchronous gearless luxury elevator series , which is designed special for high class hotel, buildings and apartments.

 ·with fashionable multimedia LCD, hall rolling landscape orientation indicator,braveness elegance decoration inside the car, Luxury type passenger elevator is honorable and sedate, high headroom design, make passenger feel in a comfortable and enjoyable space.

luxury passenger elevator
 ·To design the integral type operation plane, energy conservation neon light movement indicator and diverse new circular button according to ergonomics manpower movement and visual scope as well as the design philosophy with ochpeople oriented “. The exterior appearance is succinct and sprightly, easy to distinguish and operate, novel design, safe and reliable.

 ·We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide Luxury Passenger Elevator with good services for you!

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