Mini Machine-Room Elevator

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Mini machine-room elevator adopt the permanent-magnet synchronous imperforate tractor, improve the efficiency above 25% (reducing the waste by 50%). High efficiency and power saving reduce much of the electricity charge.

Small-size main machine, integrated control system and compact arrangement of machine room decrease the machine room space by 60% , the dimension of which is the same as the shaft, the lower height of the machine room decrease the cost of engineering structure and beautify the building facade as well.

It doesn’t need so much lubrication with imperforate tractor machine, reduce oil pollution, not only make the environment cleaner, but also eliminate the noise and tremor of the traditional method.

Humanization design With the high resolution UVW feedback encoder and high performance sub harmonic, the mini machine-room elevator can run with less noise so that reduce the noise pollution for showing the social consciousness of people oriented and environmental protection.Mini machine-room elevator combines the coaxial turning and servo frequency conversion control technique perfectly, it not only makes the driving force stronger, but also makes the elevator quite smooth, accurate leveling and more comfortable riding.

With the high efficiency, perfect trouble reflection and processing system ,GreenMax elevator can report the trouble place in time which make maintenance and repair facilely . 

Mini machine-room elevator adopts new ceiling that make the car with radiance, ventilate well, strong third dimension and high headroom in eyesight.

mini machine-room elevator
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