Escalator & Moving Walks

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Advanced Technology, Honorable and Excellent Position

·Magnet synchronous driving motor, adopts new permant magnet material of aviation spaceflight field, ensure high performance of motor, motor synchronous driving, high power, maximum improve the characteristic of electrical network, no need excitation, electric energy utilization is more effective.

·Taking the lead in using planetary gear to escalator reducer, fine structure, smooth running, lower transmission ullage, realizing highest transimmision efficiency.

·Using Micro-processor Intelligent Integration control technology, the control CMOS chip, integrates logical control part and driving control part together, lightweight, thinner to meet the requirement of complex environment design.

High Efficiency Energy Saving

·The highest efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor combines with planetary reducer buildup powerful energy saving driving system .energy saving 30%, realizing revolutionary energy saving of motor .

·Intelligent sleeping function, self checking the flow of passengers,automatic frequency and speed conversion and low speed run when empty load, saving electric energy.

·Adopting energy saving technology of common direct current BUS, potential energy conversion during escalator down running, the energy of electric comsuption and generate electricity share each other which is a newly energy saving concept.
Environment Protection

·Motor drives main driving axis structure directly, no need motor transmission chain, great reduce the transmission noise and eliminatie the dithering and vibration caused by chain. Permanent magnet synchronous motor, transmission no need chain, greatly decrease the usage of lubrication, thus lower the oil pollution .

·Advanced system help promot the power of electric network during elevator running, frequency control technology has powerful anti-jamming, lower the instability factors to escalator effected by electric network, voltage fluctuation ect., keep the escalator moving steadily.

Manufacturing according to international standard

·fully compliance with the standard :GB16899-1997, EN115.The entire process with design, manufacture, examination, packing, installation and the approval are all taken charge by the integrated management system with the effective and strictly monitoring management to guarantee the quality and security reliability.

escalator & moving walks

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