Schindler 3600AP passenger lift introduction

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Environment-protection and effective drive system

FMB130 high effective AC non-synchronous gearless traction with advanced traction media and frequency conversion drive has small size、high efficiency、small torque、low energy consumption、and makes the whole elevator compact、energy conservation.

Because of advanced traction media, low energy consumed traction makes the noise to the least point no matter how in the elevator and the whole building.

The structure of double disk brake is compact、safe、reliable、serene.

The whole elevator passed international authority elevator energy efficiency rating VD14707, the comprehensive energy consumption is up to grade A.

Gearless motor

Schindler 3600AP passenger lift introduction

Energy conservation、environment protection gearless traction

Gearless technology improves the efficiency of traction more than 30%

Constant torque、high speed、improve motor efficiency 10%

Using wound rotor overcomes the defect of surface mounted (magnet is easy to separate, lifetime is short),interpolant and internal (overcome surface mounted shortcoming, but the performance is low and magnetic flux leakage coefficient is big ) permanent magnet rotor. The performance is more superior and lifetime is long.

High-performance encoder is 4 times of ordinary traction

–Lessen turning radius, improve motor speed

–German HEIDENHAIN company increment encoder, 2048 equals to ordinary traction ˊs 2048×4=8192

  • Better control elevator travel speed and leveling accuracy

Double disc brake design is safer, lower noise, less energy consumption

–Two energy saving disc brakes, the whole capacity are 150Nm, the biggest power is 150W, and the capacity is 1/4 of ordinary double disc brake, saving power waste 40%.

– Travel sound<55dbA

* The brake arm of drum type brake has the risk of crack 

Less energy loss, higher motor efficiency

–the effect of dissipating heat connects with the object contact area in the air

– 3600 traction has small volume, small surface area, the ability of dissipating heat is not good

  • one or two fans, The energy consumption of dissipating heat device<6W

  • machine room need not install


Maintenance free, long lifetime

–disc type brake need not modulate

–Gearless technique avoids gear box maintenance

–Seal bearing

Traction media travels quietly

It is soft and turning diameter is 85mm, the traction media with minimum value in intra industry replaces traditional wire rope, the occupancy space is smaller, the travel is quieter.

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