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Hydraulic Automobile Elevator

The GFH-series and GAH-series hydraulic elevators have incorporated world-leading full-computer modularized elevator technology, as well as mature and reliable European pure parts specially used in hydraulic elevators. Design, manufacture and installation of these two series can meet current professional standards and European standards. The products can be widely uses in plants, shopping centers and cargo transportation locations with diverse loading requirements and special construction conditions. Automobile elevator equipped with car commanding signal management system, is the ideal vertical conveyance for car park.

Product features:
Great comfort for riding
High reliability
Preventive maintenance
Low requirements for hoistway
Flexible arrangement of machine rooms
Product series Product type Speed(m/s) Load (kg) Max. T.H.(m) Max. stops
Hydraulic Automobile Elevator GAH10 0.25/0.5 4400 20 6

automobile elevator, Automobile Lift

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Hydraulic Elevator

A hydraulic elevator is a lift operated by the weight or pressure of water. It integrates easily with most architectural designs and has long operational life with minimal maintenance, ride comfort and totally safe operation. It has a cost-effective and installation design.

Features of Hydraulic Elevators

They are designed with safety factors for excess load conditions and are equipped with long life ball bearings. For smaller and medium sized installations the cantilevered sling in combination with a telescopic cylinder offers the best elevator application.

The pump unit of the elevator consists of an integrally welded tank with rubber isolated mounting for the pump and motor, hydraulic muffler and rubber isolation between the pump unit base and the floor. Once installed, the hydraulic elevators operate reliably and are discreetly maintained. Various hydraulic components used in their construction are designed as per the safety standards.

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Bed Elevator

Bed elevators used at health facilities designed for carrying sedans can be of 1600 kg, 2000 kg and 2500 kg capacity. The speed can be from 0,63 m/s till 2,5 m/s. Bed elevators with electrical drive can be double-speed  (till 1 m/s) or have variable speed regulation (till 3,15 m/s).

In hydraulic drive maximum speed is equal to 1 m/s. The number of elevators, their capacities and speed are decided upon in accordance with the results of traffic calculations taking into account the number of beds in the hospital. Elevator has a microprocessor type control system; nonpresetting control, one direction collective, collection depending on direction and distributive and double-group (duplex) till 6 groups control systems are used. Doors can be of manual or automatically collected to the side/ opened from center type or coated with stainless steel sheets dyed with electrostatic paint and satinet/ figured.

Cabins are covered with laminate or stainless steel in accordance with TSE standards and equipped with shockproof ties. Thanks to that the damage that could be done to patient or cabin during entrance-exit impact is removed. The cabin’s floor is coated with material with antibacterial PVC qualities. The illumination in the cabin will be decorative in accordance with client’s requirements so that light will not disturb the patient on a sedan. These are elevators with additional equipment for power outage cases, regulated light flux, antibacterial measures, stainless details.
bed elevator, hospital elevator

Passenger elevator

Welcome to our product page of passenger elevator , in which you can find detailed information of passenger elevator . Our passenger elevator is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of passenger elevator . We export passenger elevator . We supply OEM service of passenger elevator for you. We would manufacture passenger elevator following your specific requirement. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide professional passenger elevator with good services for you!
passenger elevator

Commercial Elevator

Welcome to our product page of Commercial elevator , in which you can find detailed information of Commercial elevator . Our Commercial elevator is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Commercial elevator . We export Commercial elevator . We supply OEM service of Commercial elevator for you. We would manufacture Commercial elevator following your specific requirement. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide professional Commercial elevator with good services for you!
commercial elevator

Moving Walk

Our W9 moving walk has two types, including horizontal moving walk and inclined moving walk. This passenger conveyor with reasonable design adopts high-tech parts for high reliability. W9 moving walk is compact in structure, low in cost, and easy to install and maintain. Like W8, W9 can also match with photoelectric induction device and VF drive system for more energy-saving effect. Additionally, the moving walk provides various surface treatment and decoration options to fit different building styles.

Standard Specification of W9 Moving Walk

Inclination 0°~6°, 9°~12°
Speed(m/s) 0.5
Step width(mm) 1000
Max. vertical rise ≤6m

 moving walk elevator

As a China moving walk manufacturer and supplier with 15 years of experience, our company has received ISO9001:2000 certificate. Through our unending efforts, we can provide a wide range of products, such as passenger elevators, goods elevators, villa elevators, and panoramic elevators etc. Because of their reliable quality and reasonable prices, our products are very popular with customers around the world. Located in Xiamen, Fujian, we have easy access to sea ports, airports and highways, which effectively reduce the shipping costs of our elevators.
Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to try our freight elevators, home elevators, observation elevators, or others.


An escalator is a moving staircase that carries people between floors of a building. This conveyor transport device is remarkable for continuous working and large carrying capacity. It is widely used in stations, hotels, office buildings, ports, shopping malls, airports, metros, and more.

We are an escalator manufacturer in China. Our W8 escalator has achieved the advanced level in terms of safety, operation performance, appearance and energy saving. Besides, it is high in quality and low in prices.
Our W8 is the result of perfect design and the latest technology. We strictly implement ISO9001 Quality Control System, and each W8 escalator is carefully manufactured and tested for good quality.

Main Configurations Escalator trusses are made of special section bar and rectangle steel tube, with stress relieving treatment for durability and non-deformation. The drive device is imported from German FRANDER Company, with the features of high efficiency, smooth running and low noise. The control system adopts Japanese new-generation PLC, which can perform function setting up and automatic fault detection. The remote monitoring interface can be added if necessary. The high-quality handrails and die-cast aluminum or stainless steel stairs ensure the great looks, safety and durability of escalator.

Standard Specification of W8 Escalator

Inclination 30°, 35°
Speed(m/s) 0.5
Step width(mm) 600, 800, 1000
Max. Vertical rise ≤8m

As an experienced escalator manufacturer, Beianhuadian Elevator Company provides a wide variety of products, such as passenger elevators, observation elevators, freight elevators, and so on. Thanks to their high quality and low prices, our elevators are very popular in the global markets, including Philippines, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, India, and more.
Please feel secure in contacting us if you have a need for any of our products.

Dumbwaiter Lift

A dumbwaiter lift is a small freight elevator that moves goods between building floors. We are a professional dumbwaiter lift manufacturer in China. Our S500 dumbwaiter is of unique design, and adopts international standard angel and square tubes for frame structure. The main guide rails use cold-drawing T-shape guide rails, and the door slideway is made by special aluminum material. Thanks to its reasonable mechanical driving design and high quality traction machine, our dumbwaiter lift is more reliable and safe.
Besides, the lift adopts PLC computer control for excellent operation and strong anti-interference performance. VVVF frequency control drive further guarantees the operation stability and the accuracy of being leveled with floor so as to increase the efficiency.
Moreover, the S500 dumbwaiter lift has automatic fault display function, which facilitates the installation and maintenance of our lifts.

Standard Specification of S500 Dumbwaiter Lift

Load(Kg) 100, 200, 300, 400, 500
Speed(m/s) 0.4, 0.75, 1.0
Most Stops 12
Max. Journey 30m


Founded in 1995, Beianhuadian Elevator Company is an experienced manufacturer of dumbwaiter lifts in China. We mainly specialize in the production of goods elevators, villa elevators, panoramic elevators, and so on. As a result of their superior quality and competitive prices, our elevators are sought after by customers in Philippines, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, India, and more.
We are looking forward to cooperating with more global customers. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products.

Freight Elevator

A freight elevator, a type of heavy duty elevator, is also called a goods elevator. It is a low speed elevator, and is specially used to move goods between floors of a building.

T5-E Freight Elevator

We are a reliable freight elevator manufacturer in China. Our T5-E goods elevator is designed for customers who look for a high-quality and cost-effective elevator. This freight elevator is built tough to stand up against heavy use for years. Based on T5, it is an economical product of utility with modification in some configurations.

T5-E Main Configurations
AC two-speed driving system
Microcomputer merged control
Resistance type timing door machine
Door infrared ray photoelectricity inductor

Standard Specification of T5-E Freight Elevator

Load(Kg) 1000, 1600, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000
Speed(m/s) 0.25, 0.5
Most Stops 15
Max. Journey 60m


T5 Freight Elevator

Our T5 freight elevator is of high configurations and complete functions, and is built with dependable quality to last a lifetime. We invite you to compare this goods elevator to any competitor, and you will find it superior in design and quality.

T5 Main Configurations
Internationally advanced AC frequency conversion and transformation driving system Powerful Beianhuadian modular intelligent control system with serial communication information processing, to realize remote monitoring and management
Stable and reliable frequency conversion and transformation timing door machine system
Safe and smart door infrared ray curtain safety protection device
Solid box structure, well-chosen gilded material and durable calling landing parts

Standard Specification of T5 Freight Elevator

Load(Kg) 1000, 1600, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000
Speed(m/s) 0.25, 0.5, 1.0
Most Stops 15
Max. Journey 60m


Standard Design
1. C-01 Standard car
2. D-01 Standard narrow door frame, Auto folding side opening door
3. D-02 Standard wide door frame, Center opening two-panel sliding door
4. CB-S Integrated control panel
5. DB-S External call box

As an experienced goods elevator manufacturer and supplier, Beianhuadian Elevator Company has received ISO9001:2000 certificate. Located in Beijing, China, we enjoy convenient transportation by land, sea, and air. So we can deliver our elevators quickly and cheaply. Our primary products include freight elevators, observation elevators, home elevators, and escalators. They have the advantage of reliable quality, great durability and high performance.
hydraulic freight elevators
Please contact us for more product information. We are looking forward to serving you.

Home Elevator

Our home elevator, or villa elevator, is of low noise and easy installation, offering you a pleasant ambience. The special inverter system can accurately control the running position of the elevator. With small occupying space and no hoistway, our safe and durable home elevator not only reduces the machine room design and constructing costs, but also makes the best use of your building space. Beianhuadian home elevator is a compact and economic elevator for the villa-like and multistoried buildings, and is the ideal vertical transport vehicle for old man, patient and the disabled.

Standard Specification of Home Elevator

Load(Kg) 250, 320, 400
Speed(m/s) 0.4, 0.5, 0.75
Most Stops 5
Max. Journey 15m

 Home elevator, Residential Lifts

Beianhuadian Elevator Company is a home elevator manufacturer and supplier in China. We have supplied superior villa elevators, commercial elevators, , and passenger elevators to numerous customers around the world. Due to our consistent quality and dependable service, we have received ISO9001: 2000 certificate.
Thank you for browsing our website! Welcome to contact us for more information on our elevators.

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