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Medical Service Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Bed Elevator

The hospital bed, not only used to transport passengers, but also because of the special and use of the function of the elevator performance has a special and strict requirements. Taking the elevator BAHD hospital bed, can precisely control the running speed of the elevator, smooth operation, comfortable.

BAHD sickbed elevator pays attention to human nature, to optimize the structure of full compartments, to satisfy the customers use requirement. For passengers built a quiet, quietly elegant of space.

Our Hospital Elevator takes the specialty of hospital elevator into consideration. It designs for hospital, modern medical center, sanatorium, and mediation center. BAHD elevators takes all clients’ needs into consideration to create more convenient space.

Using VVVF technology, and with advanced operation system, BAHD elevator runs smoothly to reduce the patients’ pains while taking the elevator.

Date net control realizes elevator intelligent running, which maximize the elevator use rates, and shortens waiting time. There is special hospital function, revealing its humane design.

Medical Service Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Bed Elevator

Medical Service Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Bed Elevator

Our Hospital elevators is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide Hospital elevators with good services for you!


sightseeing elevator, panoramic elevator, observation lift

Product Description

The sightseeing elevator/panoramic elevator/observation lift. BAHD sightseeing elevator series are widely used nowadays. In hotels, business places and office buildings, you all can see our panoramic elevator silently transporting colorful passengers up and down, adding beautiful sights to buildings. Our lift distincts itself in automatic timing switch and safety device, offering passengers steady moving up and down.

BAHD Sightseeing elevator can be called the mobile art among the buildings, delicate and exquisite. It is the combination of amenity and visual esthetic. It not only fits the megastore, shopping malls, exhibition hall, hotel, restaurants, but also brightens the office building .

BAHD sightseeing elevator individualizes and animates the buildings. The sightseeing elevator could be the focus all the time, indoor or outdoor. Passengers could enjoy beautiful views and the artistic style. The mobile and colorful design consist the floating view in the buildings. Varieties of sightseeing elevators, such as square, semi-circle, hexagon etc match all kinds of buildings and relieve their elegance.

The lighting of the cabin combines with the surroundings, which makes our Sightseeing elevator a beautiful scenery line.

sightseeing elevator, panoramic elevator, observation lift

sightseeing elevator, panoramic elevator, observation lift

Our sightseeing elevator is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide sightseeing elevator with good services for you!

home lift (villa elevator )

This kind of home lift (villa elevator ) fully demonstrates a perfect balance between the function and price. It is your best choice of your ideal residence lift. No matter to offer the simple and practical lifts or the elevators with the special requirements to two-story building, BAHD can always have the mature

Solution to provide the rapidly-developing residence architectures with the most effectively vertical transport. BAHD engineering designers can develop and design the novel residence lifts which not only satisfy the economical and pragmatic purchase demands from the real estate traders, but also adapt to the safe, prompt, reliable, comfortable, economical expectations with the fine durability.

It fulfills the precise control by the high performance and highly integrated control components, the high-speed processed information.
Remote local monitor offers all the message and information such as the lift running conditions, input & output information, trouble record etc.
It is of the concise and novel car design. It can flexibly merge with the constructions.
Simple diagnosis of the control function, parameter setting and revision.

home elevator, home lift (villa elevator )

home elevator, home lift (villa elevator )

Our home lift (villa elevator ) is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide home lift (villa elevator ) with good services for you!


Passenger Lift or Passenger Elevator

We are instrumental in offering Passenger Lifts that are also known as residential lifts. These are specifically designed by our professionals for carrying passengers from one floor to another. Our professionals design these in various forms like capsule form or a simple wooden cabin with sun mica formica or mild steel painted / power coated or stainless steel with matt finished stainless steel. These highly functional passenger lifts cater to the needs of various residential, commercial sectors and various industries. These are also available with glass doors to add decor to the building.


              These lifts can serve any number of floors

              Lifts with center opening doors provide easy to operate

              For size constrained places, telescopic doors are also available, in which both the doors open towards one side

              These lifts add elegance to the building load weighing devices for large lifts and hydraulic machine room less lifts are also available

              Our lifts are well equipped with all basic amenities like variable speeds through drives

              Automatic rescue device for electricity failure.
Product specification

              The capacity of passenger lifts varies from 4 persons to 40 persons

              The traveling speed of lift ranges from single speed of 0.7m/s to variable speed of 1.5 m/s

              Cabin walls & door panels are available in mild steel paint, mild steel powder coating or hairline brush finished stainless steel 

passenger lift or passenger elevator

passenger lift or passenger elevator

              These lifts are manufactured using programmable logic controllers with auto fault display and detection capability

Our Passenger Lift is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide Passenger Lift with good services for you!

Panoramic Lift or Observation Elevator

Panoramic elevaor is a dynamic artistic body which can let passenger enjoy a extensive view of outdoor scenery while it is running up and down. It endows a building with vital style, and develops one new patterns for modern architectures.

Panoramic Lift Specification


The beauty of the panoramic lifts is enhanced when the lifts are the result of the combination of the creativity of our design team, Royal lifts high technology and our knowledge of our customers wishes.

Attendant Operation :

 The location of the car determines the final finishes of them, sometimes they are built in angular shapes,sometimes in cirular shapes, with or without canopies, car in polyhedron shapes, well as the execution of the installation itself, that can be done with all our range of lifts(traction, hydraulic, machine room less), so in Royal Lifts, we commit ourselves for an all stages of the production and installation process.

Attendantless Operation :

Automactically stop at leveling and open door , and automatically close door with time delay.In addition manually close doorbefore set-time of close door, automatically store interior floor selection and automatically respond external inturn calling.

Attendant Operation :

Selection by driver,automatically open door when stop at levelingand automatically store interior floor selection,automatically respond external in-turn calling,and manually closing door.

Safety of Close Door :

When close elevator door,if someone or goods are entered , the action of close door is stopped at once and open door again .

Overload Protection:

If the load of elevator exceeds rated load,the overload indicatinglamp will light and alarm is sounded.The elevator will not be run if door is not closed.

Full Load by Pass :

If load of elevator reach reated load, the elevator ony respond interior call, and not respond external call.

Stop Nearby when Fault Occurs :

If the elevator is not operated the illumination and fan inside car will be automatically turned off. They will turned on automatically at once by instruction at any time.

Stop Nearby when fault Occurs :

If the fault occurs when elevator running in midway, the elevator will slowly run to nearest floor, stop at the door. 

panoramic lift or observation elevator

panoramic lift or observation elevator

Our Panoramic Lift ( Observation Elevator ) is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide Panoramic Lift ( Observation Elevator ) with good services for you!



Hospital Elevators

Hospital elevators (also known as stretcher lifts) are used for simple transportation for patients in a wheelchair, stretcher, or (in some cases) a hospital bed. These elevators must be built to run quickly, yet gently to virtually eliminate any noise, jerks, or shocks that could disturb a patient’s medical equipment (including life support systems). There also must be enough room to accommodate the maximum amount of space needed for doctors, nurses, and any other medical personnel.

hospital elevator

hospital elevator

Our Hospital elevators is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide Hospital elevators with good services for you!

Freight Elevators

Whether you are hauling alligators, people, or cars, a freight elevator can be installled to vertically transport just about anything at any weight.
Beianhuadian Elevator can provide you the right solution for moving goods and freight.

Whether it’s a temporary construction elevator, industrial lift, or a permanently installed traction or hydraulic freight elevator inside a building, Gator can recommend the right elevator with the right load-bearing capacity to meet your requirements. We’ve installed freight elevators in warehouses, shopping centers, industrial plants and more.

Let Gator solve your complex transportation requirements with simple, flexible, durable, cost-effective products.

freight elevators

freight elevators

Please contact us for more product information. We are looking forward to serving you.

Passenger Elevators

For hotels, motels, office buildings, apartment buildings, and condominiums.

We recommend installing a hydraulic elevator for low to medium rise buildings having less than 50 feet of travel, and where quality performance and reliable operation is essential. 

A passenger elevator’s capacity is related to the available floor space. Generally passenger elevators are available in capacities from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds in 500 lb increments.

Generally passenger elevators in buildings eight floors or less are hydraulic or electric, which can reach speeds up to 200 ft/min hydraulic and up to 500 ft/min electric. In buildings up to ten floors, electric and gearless elevators are likely to have speeds up to 500 ft/min, and above ten floors speeds begin at 500 ft/min up to 2000 ft/min.

The two main types of passenger elevators are:

  • Hydraulic elevators are designed to reduce installation time and costs.  When ground conditions are poor or unknown a holeless hydraulic elevator is recommended.
  • Beianhuadian elevators are designed for medium to high rise buildings having over 50 feet of travel, where quality performance and high speeds are desired.   Beianhuadian elevators are designed to operate with speeds up to 350 feet per minute. Gearless elevators are to be used when speeds are greater than 500 feet per minute. 
    passenger elevators

    passenger elevators


    passenger elevators

    passenger elevators


passenger elevators

passenger elevators

We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide Passenger Elevator with good services for you!

Why Choose a Home Elevator?

In the past elevators in the home were, for the most part, only obtained by the extremely wealthy: they were more of a luxury item than an accessibility need. However, now with advancements in technology, home elevators have become ideal for accessibility, convenience, and adding unique value.

As we get older, arranging our home to suite our needs becomes more difficult. Not only because of the extra work involved, but also because adjusting to the changes that aging brings can feel uncomfortable. Home elevators allow people the ability to comfortably age in place. If an elevator is already in our home, then by the time it becomes a necessity we are already accustomed to it. Familiar surroundings are increasingly important as we enter our tender years, as we can begin to rely on more of our long term memories. Similarly, moving to a home that is more accessible can be inconvenient and disorienting. Including a home elevator in our building plans makes for a much more convenient long term solution.

Having a home elevator also makes moving items safer and more convenient. Instead of carrying a heavy or awkward load up the stairs, an elevator can be used. In turn the chances of injury are lessened, as well as the time it takes.

Building vertically as opposed to expanding a single level home can also be more cost effective. Land values are going up, making a single level expansion more expensive than adding a floor onto a home. However, with expanding vertically we have to take into account our possible accessibility needs in the future. A home elevator is a beneficial solution because it adds uniqueness and value to your home while providing all of the additional benefits of comfort, ease and convenience.

A home elevator can be used in many different applications. It can be specified when building a new home or when renovating and is highly customizable. Ideal applications for the use of home elevators include single and multiple townhouse projects, detached single family homes, two story penthouse suites, and rooftop decks. There are many reasons to invest time and money into incorporating a home elevator into a building. It could be a solution for future needs, or a beautiful accent to a home.

The bottom line is that, regardless of the nature of the application, home elevators will add lasting value and accessibility to any home.

home elevator

home elevator

Our home elevator is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide home elevator with good services for you!

China Elevator

Beianhuadian Elevator is a professonal manufacturer specializing in R & D, Production, Distribution, Product Installation and Maintenance of all kinds of elevators. Due to the combination of advanced tecnology of control system from Germany and superior human resources, Beianhuadian has rapidly and successfully developed its full capability and nowadays, its product range widely covers 12 series of different elevators which includes: china elevator, automatic elevator, automatic sidewalk, panoramic elevator, passenger elevator, sick-bed elevator, housing elevator, cargo elevator, hydraulic elevator, motor elevator, tour elevator, villa elevator, stuff elevator etc, sub-categorized with 68 different models with related lift capacity ranging from 50 kg to 5000 kg, and the annual production capability reaches1000 elevators of different kinds.  
Strictly conforming to ISO9001 standards, the quality of our product is strictly supervised and controlled throughout the whole procedures, from design to production, and from installation to maintenance, which greatly enables us to make the high quality products and retain the high quality originated from Europe.  
Entering into new century, Beianhuadian had established its new strategy of “Focusing on the market, Focusing on overseas market, Focusing on future” and under the guide of it, Beianhuadian is now advancing on the global market and has a strong desire to develop its international business. Therefore, we are now seeking for new parters towards the overseas and welcome the clients and friends from home and abroad to approach and discuss business with us.

hospital bed elevator

hospital bed elevator

panoramic elevator

panoramic elevator

passenger elevator

passenger elevator

 Please feel free to contact us if you have a need for our elevators. Thank you!
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