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Villa Elevator

BAHD SR series
luxury villa elevator with a excellence process
and an enparalleled degree of comfort and beauty
pay more attention to enviromental protect and health
is your”low carbon”pionner of life.

at the same time bring your the best elevator ride to enjoy the  villa.

*Performance security:adehering the researching philosophy of “German quality arrived safety”,villa elevator of SR series has a mare wider guide structure,provide you with a more trusted security.

*Quite and comfortable:SRseries villa use a gearless technology,this technology can ensure the safe operation of the elevator,further improve the comfort of your home.
*Stable operation:the use of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction 
technology,bring you a smooth travel feelings.
*Energy saving and environmental protection:gearless technology siginificantly reduces the
energy consumption of trational ones,it also not necessary to the pump of elevator、tubing 
and the room of place the pump.

BAHD villa elevator is your best choice!

villa elevator

villa elevator

 Our villa elevator is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide villa elevator with good services for you!

home lift (villa elevator )

This kind of home lift (villa elevator ) fully demonstrates a perfect balance between the function and price. It is your best choice of your ideal residence lift. No matter to offer the simple and practical lifts or the elevators with the special requirements to two-story building, BAHD can always have the mature

Solution to provide the rapidly-developing residence architectures with the most effectively vertical transport. BAHD engineering designers can develop and design the novel residence lifts which not only satisfy the economical and pragmatic purchase demands from the real estate traders, but also adapt to the safe, prompt, reliable, comfortable, economical expectations with the fine durability.

It fulfills the precise control by the high performance and highly integrated control components, the high-speed processed information.
Remote local monitor offers all the message and information such as the lift running conditions, input & output information, trouble record etc.
It is of the concise and novel car design. It can flexibly merge with the constructions.
Simple diagnosis of the control function, parameter setting and revision.

home elevator, home lift (villa elevator )

home elevator, home lift (villa elevator )

Our home lift (villa elevator ) is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide home lift (villa elevator ) with good services for you!


Home Elevator

Our home elevator, or villa elevator, is of low noise and easy installation, offering you a pleasant ambience. The special inverter system can accurately control the running position of the elevator. With small occupying space and no hoistway, our safe and durable home elevator not only reduces the machine room design and constructing costs, but also makes the best use of your building space. Beianhuadian home elevator is a compact and economic elevator for the villa-like and multistoried buildings, and is the ideal vertical transport vehicle for old man, patient and the disabled.

Standard Specification of Home Elevator

Load(Kg) 250, 320, 400
Speed(m/s) 0.4, 0.5, 0.75
Most Stops 5
Max. Journey 15m

 Home elevator, Residential Lifts

Beianhuadian Elevator Company is a home elevator manufacturer and supplier in China. We have supplied superior villa elevators, commercial elevators, , and passenger elevators to numerous customers around the world. Due to our consistent quality and dependable service, we have received ISO9001: 2000 certificate.
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