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Medical Service Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Bed Elevator

The hospital bed, not only used to transport passengers, but also because of the special and use of the function of the elevator performance has a special and strict requirements. Taking the elevator BAHD hospital bed, can precisely control the running speed of the elevator, smooth operation, comfortable.

BAHD sickbed elevator pays attention to human nature, to optimize the structure of full compartments, to satisfy the customers use requirement. For passengers built a quiet, quietly elegant of space.

Our Hospital Elevator takes the specialty of hospital elevator into consideration. It designs for hospital, modern medical center, sanatorium, and mediation center. BAHD elevators takes all clients’ needs into consideration to create more convenient space.

Using VVVF technology, and with advanced operation system, BAHD elevator runs smoothly to reduce the patients’ pains while taking the elevator.

Date net control realizes elevator intelligent running, which maximize the elevator use rates, and shortens waiting time. There is special hospital function, revealing its humane design.

Medical Service Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Bed Elevator

Medical Service Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Bed Elevator

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