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Freight Elevators

Whether you are hauling alligators, people, or cars, a freight elevator can be installled to vertically transport just about anything at any weight.
Beianhuadian Elevator can provide you the right solution for moving goods and freight.

Whether it’s a temporary construction elevator, industrial lift, or a permanently installed traction or hydraulic freight elevator inside a building, Gator can recommend the right elevator with the right load-bearing capacity to meet your requirements. We’ve installed freight elevators in warehouses, shopping centers, industrial plants and more.

Let Gator solve your complex transportation requirements with simple, flexible, durable, cost-effective products.

freight elevators

freight elevators

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Hydraulic Freight Elevators

We offer a complete range of Freight Elevators / Freight Lift. We design the Commercial Freight Elevators depending upon the size and weight of the materials to be transported. A wide range of Freight Elevators of various capacities and control systems is available with us. The whole range of elevators is easy to install and enjoy a durable life. Our Freight Elevators are capable of transporting goods and even workers to any height. We are reckoned as a reliable Hydraulic Freight Elevators Exporter from China.

Specifications :

  • All Door heights will be 2000mm clear.
  • Plan for Manual Swing doors / Collapsible doors / Telescope doors are different.
  • All Sizes inside are finished with dimensions in mm.
  • Hoist way walls are 230 mm thick Brick or 150 mm RCC walls.
  • The size of the lifts can be from 3’x2’ to as large as 12’ x 20’.
  • Standard height of the cabin is 6’ 7 ½’. 
    hydraulic freight elevators

Our freight elevators is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide freight elevators with good services for you!