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Freight Elevator

The SR series freight elevator has adopted computer control system. With classic and reliable drive mode, door transmission structure with outstanding performance, high-strength elevator car design, the product has a firm and durable structure than can easily take on various freight tasks. The product is in conformity with valid GB7588 Safety Regulations for Elevator Manufacture and Installation, and European standard EN81. The product has a complete series of specification and outstanding performance, reliable and durable while suitable for various building architectures. It is widely applied in factory, production line, warehouse, shopping mall, exhibition house and other places with freight flows.

Superior  Performance
.  Stable Operation,Energy Saving and Environment-friendly.
.  It has adopted Variable-voltage-velocity-frequency technology that brings stable operation and braking actions to the product. It is applicable in various locations with freight transportation demand. Vector control VVVF control will save more than 30% energy than normal AC-2 control technology.

High Bearing Capacity · Powerful Functions
.  The framework is highly bearable and rigid to stand various kinds of freight loads. It is quite practical.
. It has complete safety protection device installed. It is completely in conformity with GB7588 Safety Regulations for Elevator Manufacture and Installation. It has a VVVF impulse signal control which can greatly improve the leveling precision of the elevator car, facilitating fork lift trucks or small cars entering and leaving the elevator.

Fast Large · Lift Height
.  It has successfully adopted permanent magnetic synchronous motor drive technology, which improves the system efficiency, operation speed and lift height.

freight elevator

freight elevator

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freight elevator

A freight elevator is used to do just what its name implies: to elevate, or lift, freight, or goods. It is built to carry goods rather than people, though some do both to allow operators and those loading goods along for the ride.

Given its distinct purpose, a freight elevator is typically larger and can carry more weight than a passenger elevator. A freight elevator is often custom designed for the warehouse, shopping center or other large-scale facility it will serve. The designs are based on needed dimensions, the amount of weight it will carry and how goods will be loaded and unloaded, whether it be by hand, car or industrial truck. A heavy-duty freight elevator can hold a truck and can handle as much as 100,000 pounds (45, 359 kilograms), using a dual rope system for support.

A freight elevator often has a manual door, and sometimes multiple doors, to load from the front and rear or sides. The inside may be unfinished, so that it can take a beating from goods being pushed in and out daily.

The smallest freight elevators are often called dumbwaiters. They are typically used in two-story buildings to move household goods such as laundry or dishes up and down. Though older versions were operated by pulling on a rope, modern dumbwaiters include a small electric motor.

A freight elevator often has different code and fire requirements than passenger lifts, though these codes should still be clearly posted along with a certificate allowing the elevator’s operations.

freight elevator

freight elevator

Our freight elevators is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide freight elevators with good services for you!

Freight Elevators

Whether you are hauling alligators, people, or cars, a freight elevator can be installled to vertically transport just about anything at any weight.
Beianhuadian Elevator can provide you the right solution for moving goods and freight.

Whether it’s a temporary construction elevator, industrial lift, or a permanently installed traction or hydraulic freight elevator inside a building, Gator can recommend the right elevator with the right load-bearing capacity to meet your requirements. We’ve installed freight elevators in warehouses, shopping centers, industrial plants and more.

Let Gator solve your complex transportation requirements with simple, flexible, durable, cost-effective products.

freight elevators

freight elevators

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Freight and Hospital Elevator

We have specialisation in manufacturing of Hospital and Freight Elevator which is developed under the guidance of world known engineers. They complete the entire manufacturing process keeping the latest requirements and customer’s convenience at front. Dell Bed Elevator is designed to meet diverse requirements of hospital such as carrying bulky hospital equipments, stretches, and many other hospital equipments. The car will easily carry a standard hospital bed. It is also designed to carry bulky hospital equipments. Our manufactured Freight Elevator is widely preferred among clients for having various characteristics such as;
Smooth running, excellent performance, safety, reliability along with customized specifications of customers.

freight elevator

freight elevator

hospital elevator bed elevator

hospital elevator bed elevator


  hospital elevator bed elevator

This elevator is widely used in departmental stores, supermarkets, factories, wholesale centers, railway stations, warehouses, wharves or other buildings for goods transportation. It is a new type of freight elevator which can fully meet the modern requirements. We have adopted PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) as logical control unit for Freight Elevator so that various logical control functions could be realized that enhances the performance and quality of elevator. There are various types of door openings such as two-speed sliding door, center opening two speed doors, etc, which can meet the requirements for expanded door opening. Advanced VVVF door machine ensures the door to open and close promptly and gently.

Freight Elevator

High output efficiency
·freight elevator adopts vector tractive motor and the newest integration microprocessor VVVF control technology, this system with an excellent compatibility and tractility is intelligent, high performance, systematization, light and thin while can keep a high output efficiency, meanwhile, guarantee the precision of speed and torque, make the elevator more stable and comfortable.

·VVVF control system can automatically calculate the best speed-distance (time) curve between floors and accordingly adjust the voltage and frequency of the power continuously, with this real time calculation, the elevator’s efficiency improved remarkably, thus save energy cost and protect environment.


·With slight start electric current, the efficiency of VVVF elevator is 50% higher than AC-2 elevator and nearly 30% higher than ACVV elevator.

Safe and reliable

·Adopts the multi-microcomputers network system. Whenever there is any problem, the system can detect out automatically, and then the elevator will move into special mode, showing the trouble code and prohibit from starting, thus, guarantee the safety.

·The car, support frame, tractive system and guidance system designed by fully considering the features of every type of cargo supporting which strictly meet the requirements for national standard with manufacture, installation and testing from GB7588-2003 ” Safety Rules for Manufacture and Installation of elevators” .
hydraulic freight elevators
Our freight elevators is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide freight elevators with good services for you!

Freight Elevator

A freight elevator, a type of heavy duty elevator, is also called a goods elevator. It is a low speed elevator, and is specially used to move goods between floors of a building.

T5-E Freight Elevator

We are a reliable freight elevator manufacturer in China. Our T5-E goods elevator is designed for customers who look for a high-quality and cost-effective elevator. This freight elevator is built tough to stand up against heavy use for years. Based on T5, it is an economical product of utility with modification in some configurations.

T5-E Main Configurations
AC two-speed driving system
Microcomputer merged control
Resistance type timing door machine
Door infrared ray photoelectricity inductor

Standard Specification of T5-E Freight Elevator

Load(Kg) 1000, 1600, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000
Speed(m/s) 0.25, 0.5
Most Stops 15
Max. Journey 60m


T5 Freight Elevator

Our T5 freight elevator is of high configurations and complete functions, and is built with dependable quality to last a lifetime. We invite you to compare this goods elevator to any competitor, and you will find it superior in design and quality.

T5 Main Configurations
Internationally advanced AC frequency conversion and transformation driving system Powerful Beianhuadian modular intelligent control system with serial communication information processing, to realize remote monitoring and management
Stable and reliable frequency conversion and transformation timing door machine system
Safe and smart door infrared ray curtain safety protection device
Solid box structure, well-chosen gilded material and durable calling landing parts

Standard Specification of T5 Freight Elevator

Load(Kg) 1000, 1600, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000
Speed(m/s) 0.25, 0.5, 1.0
Most Stops 15
Max. Journey 60m


Standard Design
1. C-01 Standard car
2. D-01 Standard narrow door frame, Auto folding side opening door
3. D-02 Standard wide door frame, Center opening two-panel sliding door
4. CB-S Integrated control panel
5. DB-S External call box

As an experienced goods elevator manufacturer and supplier, Beianhuadian Elevator Company has received ISO9001:2000 certificate. Located in Beijing, China, we enjoy convenient transportation by land, sea, and air. So we can deliver our elevators quickly and cheaply. Our primary products include freight elevators, observation elevators, home elevators, and escalators. They have the advantage of reliable quality, great durability and high performance.
hydraulic freight elevators
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Passenger Elevator

A passenger elevator is a vertical transportation in multi-stories buildings. There are various elevator on the basis of application; for instance passenger elevator, panoramic elevator, hospital elevator and freight elevator.

In order to save and optimize space requirement for customers and developers, our elevator has developed a new high speed passenger elevator; SMR Elevator; has a compact machine room; it applies latest technology in control and driving, 32 bit microcomputer processor, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless traction; which is characterized with safety, steady, environmental protection, energy-efficient and reliable system.

Passenger Elevator Features:
1. Compliance both EN81 and GB7588 elevator codes
2. Integrated system design
3. Self-adjusted faction ensure precise performance & high anti-interference
4. More reliable to control the signal with the all serial data transfer
5. Simple program having simple method of adjustment
6. Compatibility with other elevator system
7. Connect through E-SENSERTM monitoring system
8. 8units grouping system
9. Self learning in power restoration
10. Separation of the low voltage power and high voltage power
passenger elevator