Escalators and Moving Walkways

The SR series escalator and moving walk products have adopted advanced computer control system, high strength truss structure, classic drive technology, and complete protection to ensure the product can operate safely, reliably and durably, providing the passengers with stable, quite and comfortable riding experiences. The product is finely processed with smooth outline and elegant shape design, making it valuable as an elevator as well as a fine decoration. Adoption of frequency variable drive can greatly save energy. Our outdoor escalator and moving walkway have been tested in various climate conditions, and are in conformity with valid national standard of GB 16899 Safety Standards of Manufacture and Installation of Auto Escalator and Moving Walkway, and EN 115. The product is suitable for applications in shopping hall, supermarket, hotel, subway, airport, train station, port, flyover, and other public venues with heavy passenger flow.

Safe and Durable

.  Advanced control system and drive device, quality drive chains, exquisite manufacture process to assure a comfortable operation.
.  Up to 21 safety protection functions, fully abide national and European standard.
.  Light-weight and high-strength truss structure assures the integrity rigidity.
.  Automatic lubrication system provide real-time lubrication service, greatly boosting the product’s service life.

Human-oriented Design

. Supra-consciousness aesthetic design, meets the human engineering requirements at the same time.
. Streamline stainless steel handrail system, 180 degree large arc header and black panel, fully demonstrating a simple quality.
. Adoption of VVVF drive technology (optional) makes escalator (moving walk) a demonstrative example of energy saving. Photoelectric sensor will detect passenger flow in a realtime pace at the accesses of the escalator to adjust operation power to save energy.
. Micro-computer control system is quick in calculations and reliable for its operation. Error codes are specified to facilitate troubleshooting.
. Drive station arranged vertically assures the maintenance work has enough space and the operation is safety and convenience.

escalators and moving walkways

escalators and moving walkways


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