Freight Elevator

The SR series freight elevator has adopted computer control system. With classic and reliable drive mode, door transmission structure with outstanding performance, high-strength elevator car design, the product has a firm and durable structure than can easily take on various freight tasks. The product is in conformity with valid GB7588 Safety Regulations for Elevator Manufacture and Installation, and European standard EN81. The product has a complete series of specification and outstanding performance, reliable and durable while suitable for various building architectures. It is widely applied in factory, production line, warehouse, shopping mall, exhibition house and other places with freight flows.

Superior  Performance
.  Stable Operation,Energy Saving and Environment-friendly.
.  It has adopted Variable-voltage-velocity-frequency technology that brings stable operation and braking actions to the product. It is applicable in various locations with freight transportation demand. Vector control VVVF control will save more than 30% energy than normal AC-2 control technology.

High Bearing Capacity · Powerful Functions
.  The framework is highly bearable and rigid to stand various kinds of freight loads. It is quite practical.
. It has complete safety protection device installed. It is completely in conformity with GB7588 Safety Regulations for Elevator Manufacture and Installation. It has a VVVF impulse signal control which can greatly improve the leveling precision of the elevator car, facilitating fork lift trucks or small cars entering and leaving the elevator.

Fast Large · Lift Height
.  It has successfully adopted permanent magnetic synchronous motor drive technology, which improves the system efficiency, operation speed and lift height.

freight elevator

freight elevator

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