Passenger Elevator

A passenger elevator is a vertical transportation in multi-stories buildings. There are various elevator on the basis of application; for instance passenger elevator, panoramic elevator, hospital elevator and freight elevator.

In order to save and optimize space requirement for customers and developers, our elevator has developed a new high speed passenger elevator; SMR Elevator; has a compact machine room; it applies latest technology in control and driving, 32 bit microcomputer processor, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless traction; which is characterized with safety, steady, environmental protection, energy-efficient and reliable system.

Passenger Elevator Features:
1. Compliance both EN81 and GB7588 elevator codes
2. Integrated system design
3. Self-adjusted faction ensure precise performance & high anti-interference
4. More reliable to control the signal with the all serial data transfer
5. Simple program having simple method of adjustment
6. Compatibility with other elevator system
7. Connect through E-SENSERTM monitoring system
8. 8units grouping system
9. Self learning in power restoration
10. Separation of the low voltage power and high voltage power
passenger elevator

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