Bed Elevator

Bed elevators used at health facilities designed for carrying sedans can be of 1600 kg, 2000 kg and 2500 kg capacity. The speed can be from 0,63 m/s till 2,5 m/s. Bed elevators with electrical drive can be double-speed  (till 1 m/s) or have variable speed regulation (till 3,15 m/s).

In hydraulic drive maximum speed is equal to 1 m/s. The number of elevators, their capacities and speed are decided upon in accordance with the results of traffic calculations taking into account the number of beds in the hospital. Elevator has a microprocessor type control system; nonpresetting control, one direction collective, collection depending on direction and distributive and double-group (duplex) till 6 groups control systems are used. Doors can be of manual or automatically collected to the side/ opened from center type or coated with stainless steel sheets dyed with electrostatic paint and satinet/ figured.

Cabins are covered with laminate or stainless steel in accordance with TSE standards and equipped with shockproof ties. Thanks to that the damage that could be done to patient or cabin during entrance-exit impact is removed. The cabin’s floor is coated with material with antibacterial PVC qualities. The illumination in the cabin will be decorative in accordance with client’s requirements so that light will not disturb the patient on a sedan. These are elevators with additional equipment for power outage cases, regulated light flux, antibacterial measures, stainless details.
bed elevator, hospital elevator

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