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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details
  • Packing of VVVF Door Operator Safety Brand Vertical Passenger Lift elevator
    Plywood case, bundle, Fumigation-free wooden.
  • Delivery Time
  • brand vertical passenger lift elevator 40 days after receiving d

Passenger Elevator


Passenger Elevator With Machine Room or without Machine Room
Capacity (kg): 400, 630, 800, 1000, 1150, 1250,1350, 1600

Speed (m/s): 1.0, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0

Elevator Cabin.


Front Wall: Hairline Stainless Steel

Side Walls: Hairline Stainless Steel+Mirror Stainless Steel

Ceiling: Painted Stainless Steel with LED light

Floor: PVC

Packing & Delivery

The Packing:
The packing material will use PLY WOOD BOXES as an standard export packing

12-20 packages for each elevator, depends on different parameters.

1 set passenger elevator fit in 1*20ft container

2~3 sets passenger elevators fit in 1*40ft container/ 1*40HQ container

The Delivery Time:

Start to production after receive 30% advance deposit from bank

After the technical detail confirmed clear within 25 working days shipping

Port of loading China, Shanghai Port

Drive system: VVVF
Controller: serial communication
Drive control: gearless traction machine VVVF
Motion control: Simplex collective selective
Duplex collective selective (2 unit of elevators )
Triplex collective selective (3 unit of elevators )
Group collective selective (4 or more elevators)

Elevator type Capacity Speed Cabin and Door Decoration
320~1600kg MR:V≤8m/s


Standard: Car Cabin, cabin door and main landing door: Hairline Stainless steel,
other landing: door painted steel
Optional for car cabin and other floors:
Mirror stainless steel,
etching stainless steel,
Golden mirror etching finish

Car model: YD-02
Ceiling: several models to be selected
Ventilation: axial fan (2 or more for every lift)
Car side & rear wall: mirror etched stainless steel in the middle, hairline stainless steel.
Car front wall: hairline stainless steel
COP: integral type / full car front wall
Indicator: Dot matrix or 10.4 inch colorful LCD
Car door: hairline stainless steel
Car bottom: PVC, models to be selected as you like from our catalogues
Option: marble , models to be selected as you like from our catalogues
Handrail: EX-FS03, hairline stainless steel (several handrail models to be selected).
Door safety: full height light curtain

Special requirement: if you like, the following to be selected:
Emergency landing device (ELD) or automatic rescue device (ARD)-device make elevator run to the nearest floor when power off
Floor voice announcement unit
voltage stabilizer (if the power supply is not steady, maybe you need it)
transformer (if the power supply is different from China, maybe you need it)

more car decoration, please do not hesitate to contact with us.


passenger elevator function list
Running Function
VVVF Drive VVVF Door Operator
Automatic Running Attendant Running
VIP (special) Running Best Curve Autogeneration
Response in Accelerating Process Time-sharing Service Floor Selection
Full Load by Pass Automatic Adjustment of Door Open Holding Time
Door Re-open at Current Floor Instant Door Close
Door Open After Stop Arrival Gong
Car Call Cancel Parking
Next Landing Self Rescue in Low Speed
Starting Torque Automatic Controller Direct Landing
Button Inset Diagnose Anti-nuisance
Fire Emergency Return  
Emergency Function
Emergency Lighting Emergency Electric Operation
5-way intercom Alarm Bell
Energy Saving function
Fan&Light Automatic Off Start/Stop Timing
Night time Arrival Gong Canelling Function  
Safety Function
Brakeage Automatic Detection Light Curtain Protection
Overload Stop Hoisting Rope Sliding Detection
Inspection Operation Troubleshooting
Auto-landing with Fault Door Close Repeat
Top/bottom Limit and Final Limit Protection Down Running Protection
Up Running Protection Safety Circuit Protection
Door Interlock Protection Main Contactor Protection
Brake Detecting Protection Security Floor Function
Voltage Automatic Recognition Function  
Human-Machine Interface
Micro Push Button Running State Display
Floor Selection in Machine Room No Stop Floor Set
Homing Floor Set Floor Indication Set
Hoistway Self-learning Interference Evaluation
Encoder Evaluation Input Port Evaluation
COP Debugging Running Times and Time Record
Monitor Function
Remote Monitor Residential Area Monitor
Traction Machine Monitor  
Optional Function
Running Function
Fire-fighting Linkage Function Advanced Door Opening
Double Door Independent Control Re-leveling Function
Duplex Control Function Group Control Function
Car Sterilize Function Energy Feedback Function
Earthquake Function  
Human-Machine Interface
Voice Announcement Back Ground Music
Sub-C.O.P. C.O.P. For Handicapped Passengers
IC Card Control  
Emergency Function
Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)  

Our reference specifiction:

compact machine room passenger elevator (gearless traction machine)
capacity No. of persons speed (m/s) Entrance (JJ*HH)mm car net size shaft inside dimension Machine room size  
kg   center opening W*D(mm) W*D(mm) pit depth OH W*D*H(mm)
630 8 1.0 800*2100 1400*1100 1950*1800 1400 4300 1950*1800*2500
    1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
800 10 1.0 800*2100 1400*1350 1950*2050 1400 4300 1950*2050*2500
    1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
1000 13 1.00 900*2100 1600*1450 2150*2150 1400 4300 2150*2150*2500
    1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
    1.0 1000*2100 1750*1450 2350*2150 1400 4300 2350*2150*2500
1150 15 1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
    1.0 1000*2100 1750*1600 2650*2150 1400 4300 2650*2150*2500
1250 16 1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
    1.0 1100*2100 2000*1700 2950*2150 1400 4300 2950*2150*2500
1600 21 1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
    1.0 1100*2100 2000*2000 2950*2500 1400 4300 2950*2500*2500
2000 26 1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    


The above is just for reference, if your shaft at jobsite is not like this , please contact with us, we can design as your your shaft.
Agent Wanted:


Welcome experienced Elevator Company to act our distributors/agent to cooperate with us on long term basis. We would like to provide our distributor/agent promotion price as reward for the cooperation. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact with us at anytime. Thanks.