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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details
  • Packing of VVVF Door Operator Safety Brand Vertical Passenger Lift elevator
    Plywood case, bundle, Fumigation-free wooden.
  • Delivery Time
  • brand vertical passenger lift elevator 40 days after receiving d

Passenger Elevator


Passenger Elevator With Machine Room or without Machine Room
Capacity (kg): 400, 630, 800, 1000, 1150, 1250,1350, 1600

Speed (m/s): 1.0, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0

Elevator Cabin.


Front Wall: Hairline Stainless Steel

Side Walls: Hairline Stainless Steel+Mirror Stainless Steel

Ceiling: Painted Stainless Steel with LED light

Floor: PVC

Packing & Delivery

The Packing:
The packing material will use PLY WOOD BOXES as an standard export packing

12-20 packages for each elevator, depends on different parameters.

1 set passenger elevator fit in 1*20ft container

2~3 sets passenger elevators fit in 1*40ft container/ 1*40HQ container

The Delivery Time:

Start to production after receive 30% advance deposit from bank

After the technical detail confirmed clear within 25 working days shipping

Port of loading China, Shanghai Port

Drive system: VVVF
Controller: serial communication
Drive control: gearless traction machine VVVF
Motion control: Simplex collective selective
Duplex collective selective (2 unit of elevators )
Triplex collective selective (3 unit of elevators )
Group collective selective (4 or more elevators)

Elevator type Capacity Speed Cabin and Door Decoration
320~1600kg MR:V≤8m/s


Standard: Car Cabin, cabin door and main landing door: Hairline Stainless steel,
other landing: door painted steel
Optional for car cabin and other floors:
Mirror stainless steel,
etching stainless steel,
Golden mirror etching finish

Car model: YD-02
Ceiling: several models to be selected
Ventilation: axial fan (2 or more for every lift)
Car side & rear wall: mirror etched stainless steel in the middle, hairline stainless steel.
Car front wall: hairline stainless steel
COP: integral type / full car front wall
Indicator: Dot matrix or 10.4 inch colorful LCD
Car door: hairline stainless steel
Car bottom: PVC, models to be selected as you like from our catalogues
Option: marble , models to be selected as you like from our catalogues
Handrail: EX-FS03, hairline stainless steel (several handrail models to be selected).
Door safety: full height light curtain

Special requirement: if you like, the following to be selected:
Emergency landing device (ELD) or automatic rescue device (ARD)-device make elevator run to the nearest floor when power off
Floor voice announcement unit
voltage stabilizer (if the power supply is not steady, maybe you need it)
transformer (if the power supply is different from China, maybe you need it)

more car decoration, please do not hesitate to contact with us.


passenger elevator function list
Running Function
VVVF Drive VVVF Door Operator
Automatic Running Attendant Running
VIP (special) Running Best Curve Autogeneration
Response in Accelerating Process Time-sharing Service Floor Selection
Full Load by Pass Automatic Adjustment of Door Open Holding Time
Door Re-open at Current Floor Instant Door Close
Door Open After Stop Arrival Gong
Car Call Cancel Parking
Next Landing Self Rescue in Low Speed
Starting Torque Automatic Controller Direct Landing
Button Inset Diagnose Anti-nuisance
Fire Emergency Return  
Emergency Function
Emergency Lighting Emergency Electric Operation
5-way intercom Alarm Bell
Energy Saving function
Fan&Light Automatic Off Start/Stop Timing
Night time Arrival Gong Canelling Function  
Safety Function
Brakeage Automatic Detection Light Curtain Protection
Overload Stop Hoisting Rope Sliding Detection
Inspection Operation Troubleshooting
Auto-landing with Fault Door Close Repeat
Top/bottom Limit and Final Limit Protection Down Running Protection
Up Running Protection Safety Circuit Protection
Door Interlock Protection Main Contactor Protection
Brake Detecting Protection Security Floor Function
Voltage Automatic Recognition Function  
Human-Machine Interface
Micro Push Button Running State Display
Floor Selection in Machine Room No Stop Floor Set
Homing Floor Set Floor Indication Set
Hoistway Self-learning Interference Evaluation
Encoder Evaluation Input Port Evaluation
COP Debugging Running Times and Time Record
Monitor Function
Remote Monitor Residential Area Monitor
Traction Machine Monitor  
Optional Function
Running Function
Fire-fighting Linkage Function Advanced Door Opening
Double Door Independent Control Re-leveling Function
Duplex Control Function Group Control Function
Car Sterilize Function Energy Feedback Function
Earthquake Function  
Human-Machine Interface
Voice Announcement Back Ground Music
Sub-C.O.P. C.O.P. For Handicapped Passengers
IC Card Control  
Emergency Function
Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)  

Our reference specifiction:

compact machine room passenger elevator (gearless traction machine)
capacity No. of persons speed (m/s) Entrance (JJ*HH)mm car net size shaft inside dimension Machine room size  
kg   center opening W*D(mm) W*D(mm) pit depth OH W*D*H(mm)
630 8 1.0 800*2100 1400*1100 1950*1800 1400 4300 1950*1800*2500
    1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
800 10 1.0 800*2100 1400*1350 1950*2050 1400 4300 1950*2050*2500
    1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
1000 13 1.00 900*2100 1600*1450 2150*2150 1400 4300 2150*2150*2500
    1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
    1.0 1000*2100 1750*1450 2350*2150 1400 4300 2350*2150*2500
1150 15 1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
    1.0 1000*2100 1750*1600 2650*2150 1400 4300 2650*2150*2500
1250 16 1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
    1.0 1100*2100 2000*1700 2950*2150 1400 4300 2950*2150*2500
1600 21 1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    
    1.0 1100*2100 2000*2000 2950*2500 1400 4300 2950*2500*2500
2000 26 1.5/1.75       1600 4400    
    2.0       1800 4800    
    2.5       2000 5000    


The above is just for reference, if your shaft at jobsite is not like this , please contact with us, we can design as your your shaft.
Agent Wanted:


Welcome experienced Elevator Company to act our distributors/agent to cooperate with us on long term basis. We would like to provide our distributor/agent promotion price as reward for the cooperation. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact with us at anytime. Thanks.

Panoramic elevator

  1. Name of product: Panoramic elevator


  1. Information of product

Brand name: Black bear

Manufacture standard: GB7588

Place of origin: china


  1. Main technical parameter

Product name: Panoramic elevator       type: Machine room or machine roomless

speed range: 1.0m/s-2.0m/s            capacity range: 630KG-1600KG

maximum travelling floor: 30F           maximum travelling height: 90m

decoration: multiple standard decoration series

applicable place: Market、office building


Integrated control system

New generation of intellectual vector style integrative control system combines with the elevator control with drive.
It brings about the compact structure, smaller bulk, the more convenient operation and the more advantageous cost performance



It only requires one independent space-well.It solves the problem so that the elevator occupies less space. It removes difficulty in architectural design.

It has the advantages of saving the building time,cost and material. Machine room-less panoramic elevator is backed by smooth installation mode and running efficiency. It becomes the most magical symbol in the building. It is pleasing to the eye.

It merges with the strict and cautious  design thinking.It fully considers the building requirements. It applies the compact traction machine and thin control cabinet.Compared with traditional elevators, it brings about the convenient construction of machine room, reduces the building cost. It leaves a larger space for machine room.

Observation elevator is produced according to people’s further requirements,in which the passengers can see the scenery outside the elevator,and enjoy the visual excitement brought along by modern facilities.The visual field is broad and bright,the shape is unique and delicate,bringing along unique senery for your building,the visual field is extended,and the narrow space is expanded,Observation elevator has very nice appearance,operates steadily and stops accrately with dragging operation.

escalator and conveyor

  1. Name of product:escalator and conveyor 
  1. Information of product

Brand name: Kasper

Model number: KA-ESM    KA-ESRM

Manufacture standard: GB7588

Place of origin: china 

  1. Main technical parameter

Product name: escalator          type: In door, out of door

Speed range: 0.5m/s-0.65m/s     step width range: 600mm-1000mm

Angle of inclination: 30°  35°     Maximum travelling height: 15m

Decoration: Stainless steel        applicable place: market、office building

Product name: conveyor            type: In door, out of door

speed range: 0.5m/s-0.65m/s        stair width range: 800mm-1000mm

Angle of inclination: 0°-6°  /10°-12°  Maximum travelling height: 6m

Decoration: Stainless steel          applicable place: market、public traffic

  1. 4. Product Introduction

As a professional elevator manufacturer in Germany,Kasper have more than 70 years experience in elevator development and produce.For its advanced technology and super-excellent quality.Kasper’s products have already spread a lot of countries and provided perfect solution for vertical traffic.

Upholding the original Germany technology and management,combing with the local customer demands characters,Kasper provides economical,fashionable and high-quality products to satisfy their requirements. We contiuously create new step together with china society and make a better life for chinese people.

Kasper escalator and conveyor combine the elegant design with perfect function configuration.Its skillful and valued,soft and missish.The compact and fluent handrail and steady running just like glide water,so perfect and elegance. 

Usage scope

Kasper escalator of business type combines the unique human-oriented technology and the gorgeous innovative design into products.They are safe and reliable,run steadly and silently.Our modular design idea is integrated into each detail,to give everything that can be touched and seen with a sense of elegance and nobility,which makes them processing broad functions and the characteristics of diversification for choice in order to meet the needs of different users and go with the styles and the whole image of the building.

Kasper public traffic type escalator is suitable to install in door and out of door which has many kinds of optional functions to satisfy many demands of customer.

Public traffic type escalator satisfies not only big passenger volumns,long time continuous running,but also sustain all kinds of bad and overcritical environment status. The combination of high accuracy helical gear,deceleration driving device and frequency converted technology make Kasper escalator efficient,energy saving and quiet.It integrates into surroundings from the boisterous outside public traffic system to hotel,shopping center that are compact and comfortable and not only let the passenger enjoy comfort and easy life during up-down oblique journey but also add lustre to gorgeous business environment .
escalator and conveyor
 Control system

Kasper escalator and conveyor adopt

stable computer control system and self diagnosis devices to monitor the escalator and conveyor running. Any malfunction will be displayed on the devices to safeguard its stability.


Kasper escalator and conveyor is equipped with a worm gear developed with state-of-the-art technology, loads are spread out on the meshing gear teeth over a large contact area, so that reduced friction, improved running efficiency and saved electrical energy. Meanwhile its retaining steady and effective reduced noise.

passenger lift

  1. Name of product:passenger lift
  1. Information of product

Brand name: Schindler

Model number: 3300AP

Manufacture standard: GB7588

Place of origin: china

  1. Main technical parameter

Product name: passenger lift    type: machine roomless

speed range: 1.0m/s-1.75m/s   capacity range: 400KG-1125KG

Maximum travelling floor: 25F

maximum travelling height: 75m

decoration: three standards decoration

applicable place: residence、office building


Schindler 3300 AP series of passenger elevator introduction

Switzerland Schindler group produces Schindler 3300 AP series of elevator according to Asia and the Pacific Ocean area market characteristic. This product faces to Asian market and at the same time exports to Oceania、eastern Europe、Africa. Its design specially considers Chinese mainland market’s using demand for architecture and special demand for people and load capacity and it has liable、 effective、flexible and environmental protection characteristics.


Schindler 3300AP MRL series of products with no machine room load from 400kg to 1150kg, the speed is from 1m/s to 1.75m/s, the Max stop is 25 floors and it is applicable for low and middle building, for example, high-grade residences and low –middle demand office buildings、hotels、museums. It can be made small machine room project (Schindler 3300AP MMR) which satisfied the different architecture planning demand. One product with two arrangements can simplify the supply for spare part of elevator.

Schindler 3300AP MMR is the product with small machine room and highest speed is up to 1.75m/s and the Max stop is 25 floors which is applicable for middle-high residence and commercial building.

Environment-protection and effective drive system

FMB130 high effective AC non-synchronous gearless traction with advanced traction media and frequency conversion drive has small size、high efficiency、small torque、low energy consumption、and makes the whole elevator compact、energy conservation.

Because of advanced traction media, low energy consumed traction makes the noise to the least point no matter how in the elevator and the whole building.

The structure of double disk brake is compact、safe、reliable、serene.

The whole elevator passed international authority elevator energy efficiency rating VD14707, the comprehensive energy consumption is up to grade A.

Traction media travels quietly

The traction media replaces traditional wire rope, the weight is lighter, the occupancy space is smaller, and the travel is quieter.


Control system

Schindler 3300 AP series of elevator adopts Schindler newest developing elevator control system: Bionic 5. Its core service cost calculation principle is most advanced and most accurate dispatch principle. These functions, for example, minimum waiting and travel time for elevator, elevator travel model conversion for automatic up-peak traffic and automatic down-peak traffic and empty car automatic assignment, provide great convenience for elevator group control vertical traffic dealing. Bionic 5 not only has all functions of conventional control system, but also develops other special control functions, for example retaining travel, independent travel, preferred travel, fire protection function, attendant control and control two elevators at the same time.

Controlled cabinet is stalled in doorframe of top floor which not only simplifies elevator installing and routine operation but also saves the space greatly. Its high effective solution is an important improvement in elevator industry.



Security system

Schindler 3300 AP series of elevator used the safest protective system. Apart from routine safety component、for example, safety gear、over speed governor、buffer, much electronic protection measures are used.  It makes the elevator to be a safe load under any circumstances. Schindler 3300 AP series of elevator security system promises to provide relevelling travel when the door is opened and provide quick start –up function when the door is closed and at the same time activate the elevator moving.

Comfortable car


Schindler 3300 AP new technology promotes the hoistway、overhead space and pit usage rate. This remarkable advantage achieves great car area, provides user great comfortable moving space in the car. Car clearance is 2.5 meter high, good ventilation and lighting make passenger comfortable. Especially Schindler 3300 AP series decoration is designed by Italy Ferrari racing designer.

–Line is concise and smooth, elegant and fashionable.


Schindler 3300 AP –standard function


– Home landing number indicator

– Car number indicator

– Pre-selective direction indicator

– Home landing and car multi-function information indicator

-Full load by pass

– Door close button

– Door opening button

– Automatic releveling (automatic configuration according to hoist height)

– Lighting automatic close

-Fan automatic close (if the fan is optional)

– Self-adaptive door opening time

– Infrared ray door light screen protection

– Buzzer

– Alarm button

– Door area indicator(control cabinet )

– Emergency light

– Fireman return function BR1

– Over load protection (sound and signal indicator)

– Beyond travel time protection

– Travel hour counter

– Travel times counter

– test travel control

– Inspection travel

– Call-back equipment

– Automatic test

– Door close stress limit

– hoist way temperature test

Schindler 3300 AP – advantage


– Energy-saving-enjoy yourself

– Space saving, high hoist way using rate-you are master

– Comfortable and safe-serene

– No need solitary control cabinet -collective in door frame

– Automatic rescue device-liable safeguard when power breakdown

– Fashionable and unique car decoration-display unique character

– Calm travel-heart serene come from ordinary

– liable Switzerland quality –selling and using more than 30,000 in Europe in two years

– new generation passenger elevator –new technology, new design, new feeling


Selective function:

–   Bionic 5.4 control system

–   Attendant function

–   Fire control function BR2 CN

–   Automatic return to home landing from all floors

–  Pause serve function(locking elevator function)

–   lighting in the control cabinet(if building light is not enough)

–   Car arrival gong (locate operation board in car)

–  Manual cancellation for error directive

–   Compulsory door close

–   Anti-nuisance function AN3

–  Automatic emergency rescue device

Quality assurance

Schindler all subsidiaries passed ISO9000 International quality assurance system certification;

Schindler products fulfill china national standard GB7588-2003;“safety specification for elevator manufacturing and installation”、GB16899“safety specification for escalator and Automatic sidewalk manufacturing and installation”

Schindler products first obtain European Economic Community CE certification which has highest security;

Schindler implements three guarantees for elevators sold since leaving the factory 18 months and 12 months after installation (according to first arrival time). Exception of the shortcoming results from abnormal usage.

  1. After-sales service

Schindler repair center、user service center cover 100 service networks all over the country, form a professional team with a strong technical force and ensure to provide quick、high quality service in first time.

Schindler installs 24 hours emergency call and ensures to respond for user repair call in the first time and timely assigns professional engineer to repair and provides client long time and cost-effective spare parts.

  1. Schindler Group-service leading the market
    Established by Mr. Robert Schindler in 1874, Schindler – the Elevator and Escalator Company is headquartered in Switzerland. It has 130 years history. Schindler is the first manufacturer of escalators the second manufacturer of elevators in the world. Schindler had the honor of establishing the first industrial joint venture in China in 1980. Since then, Schindler has made significant investments in manufacturing, sales, service, regional offices, technology and people.

We provide management selling、installing、after sale service for client through  the branches located in every major city in China and sell the same Schindler products at the same prices and first rate service.


  1. Some big projects using Schindler products

Beijing new world square、Beijing zhuangsheng square、Beijing CNOOC building、Beijing century city、Beijing subway、Shanghai international shimao square、Shanghai tomorrow square、Shanghai henglong square、Shanghai international meeting center、Shanghai light rail bright pear line、Shanghai magnetic suspension、Shanghai new field、Shanghai Healton、Nanjing Sheraton、Nanjing new world、Nanjing business century square、Nanjing new century square、Nanjing subway、Guangzhou triumph new world 、Guangzhou subway、Chongqing Healton、Chongqing sheng ying zhou、Shenzhen CITIC city square、Shenzhen huarun center、Kunming tianheng hotel、Kunming south west business building、Wuhan new world、Tianjin wanshun garden、Tianjin xinda square、Suzhou international building、Wenzhou big natural home、Xiament mingfa business square、Shandong zibo ceramics city、Qingdao conference and exhibition center、Shenyang five continents business square、Dalian triumph square.

passenger elevator

  1. Name of product: passenger elevator
  1. Introduction

Southeast hydraulic elevator has reliable hydraulic transmission system and moves smoothly、comfortably、and quietly. Modularized computer controlling system and communication data network make high efficiency and accurate moving control come true and make signal transmission、processing quick and accurate. Computerized software control widely satisfied different demands of different clients.

 home lift

Drive system

Hydraulic valve block under oil motor motor thermal protection Silencer hydro-cylinder Pipe rupture valve import from company GMV in Italy (optional products from Booher in Switzerland)

2、Control system

PLC control uses products from Japan MITSUBISHI Company and American Emerson Company.

Circuit breaker uses Sino -Swiss joint venture ABB Company produced products.

Contactor uses Sino-French joint venture Schneider Inc products

Door system

Door operator frequency converter uses American Emerson company products.

Door protection system uses far infrared light curtain protection


home lifthome lifthome lifthome lifthome lift

home lift

Product introduction

home lift

Steel strap machine

home lift

Permanent magnet synchronous adopts imported SKF bearing and Germany HEIDEHAIN encoder.

Optimized motor design and high efficient traction ability and lighter car make comprehensive efficiency increase greatly.

The machine adopts simple support beam structure,mechanics structure is more reasonable and space layout is more beautiful.

Adopting small shaft diameter traction pulley,reverse wheel and counterweight wheel and slim main engine arragement make the hoistway shadow area smaller.

Meet the demands for low pit、no pit and machineroomless in the smallest overhead space;

KA-GDB traction machine and accessories to meet the test specification requirements of the EN81

Steel belt

Surface cladding for high strength polyurethane material (TPU to protect the steel from being rusted)

The green environmental protection, without the use of lubricating oil, no oil processing, clean, improve service life.

Reduce friction sound and metal between round and into the groove sound, quiet operation, at the same time does not produce wear metal traction wheel.

Magnetic flux leakage detector can detect any consistent with damage wire strip in.

Compared with the traditional wire rope life exponentially growth.

More flexible, increases with the driving wheel contact area, more energy-efficient, more efficient.

home lift


Reverse wheel

Each root with reverse wheels is relatively

Independent, easy to achieve

Uniform stress distribution of each steel belt.

home lift

Sealed bearing, no lubricating oil leakage, more

environmental protection.


Environmental protection

Uses the advanced permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, eliminating the bulky reduction gear, to improve the layout inside the elevator shaft, without machine room, also do not need an additional structural strength of the building, architectural space saving, greatly reduce the cost of construction.

Energy saving

Can normal voltage 220 v, low energy consumption, than the average elevator save electricity above 45%, high efficiency, environmental protection drive host, build halcyon Environment, reduces the power supply capacity, saves the developers and user cost of investment.


Choosing Home Lift, Keith elevator Home lift series, in line with the Home Lift manufacturing and installation standard GB/T21739-2008, to provide you with reliable safety guarantee.  

home lift
All materials, various styles of capsules decorate, provides the villa life rich and colorful, pleasing personality space, give your household life create a rich artistic atmosphere.Capsules decorate delicate silhouette infinite taste

home lift

home lift

Schindler 3600AP passenger lift introduction

Environment-protection and effective drive system

FMB130 high effective AC non-synchronous gearless traction with advanced traction media and frequency conversion drive has small size、high efficiency、small torque、low energy consumption、and makes the whole elevator compact、energy conservation.

Because of advanced traction media, low energy consumed traction makes the noise to the least point no matter how in the elevator and the whole building.

The structure of double disk brake is compact、safe、reliable、serene.

The whole elevator passed international authority elevator energy efficiency rating VD14707, the comprehensive energy consumption is up to grade A.

Gearless motor

Schindler 3600AP passenger lift introduction

Energy conservation、environment protection gearless traction

Gearless technology improves the efficiency of traction more than 30%

Constant torque、high speed、improve motor efficiency 10%

Using wound rotor overcomes the defect of surface mounted (magnet is easy to separate, lifetime is short),interpolant and internal (overcome surface mounted shortcoming, but the performance is low and magnetic flux leakage coefficient is big ) permanent magnet rotor. The performance is more superior and lifetime is long.

High-performance encoder is 4 times of ordinary traction

–Lessen turning radius, improve motor speed

–German HEIDENHAIN company increment encoder, 2048 equals to ordinary traction ˊs 2048×4=8192

  • Better control elevator travel speed and leveling accuracy

Double disc brake design is safer, lower noise, less energy consumption

–Two energy saving disc brakes, the whole capacity are 150Nm, the biggest power is 150W, and the capacity is 1/4 of ordinary double disc brake, saving power waste 40%.

– Travel sound<55dbA

* The brake arm of drum type brake has the risk of crack

Less energy loss, higher motor efficiency

–the effect of dissipating heat connects with the object contact area in the air

– 3600 traction has small volume, small surface area, the ability of dissipating heat is not good

 Schindler 3600AP passenger lift introduction
  • one or two fans, The energy consumption of dissipating heat device<6W
  • machine room need not install


Maintenance free, long lifetime

–disc type brake need not modulate

–Gearless technique avoids gear box maintenance

–Seal bearing

Traction media travels quietly

It is soft and turning diameter is 85mm, the traction media with minimum value in intra industry replaces traditional wire rope, the occupancy space is smaller, the travel is quieter.

Escalators and Moving Walkways

The SR series escalator and moving walk products have adopted advanced computer control system, high strength truss structure, classic drive technology, and complete protection to ensure the product can operate safely, reliably and durably, providing the passengers with stable, quite and comfortable riding experiences. The product is finely processed with smooth outline and elegant shape design, making it valuable as an elevator as well as a fine decoration. Adoption of frequency variable drive can greatly save energy. Our outdoor escalator and moving walkway have been tested in various climate conditions, and are in conformity with valid national standard of GB 16899 Safety Standards of Manufacture and Installation of Auto Escalator and Moving Walkway, and EN 115. The product is suitable for applications in shopping hall, supermarket, hotel, subway, airport, train station, port, flyover, and other public venues with heavy passenger flow.

Safe and Durable

.  Advanced control system and drive device, quality drive chains, exquisite manufacture process to assure a comfortable operation.
.  Up to 21 safety protection functions, fully abide national and European standard.
.  Light-weight and high-strength truss structure assures the integrity rigidity.
.  Automatic lubrication system provide real-time lubrication service, greatly boosting the product’s service life.

Human-oriented Design

. Supra-consciousness aesthetic design, meets the human engineering requirements at the same time.
. Streamline stainless steel handrail system, 180 degree large arc header and black panel, fully demonstrating a simple quality.
. Adoption of VVVF drive technology (optional) makes escalator (moving walk) a demonstrative example of energy saving. Photoelectric sensor will detect passenger flow in a realtime pace at the accesses of the escalator to adjust operation power to save energy.
. Micro-computer control system is quick in calculations and reliable for its operation. Error codes are specified to facilitate troubleshooting.
. Drive station arranged vertically assures the maintenance work has enough space and the operation is safety and convenience.

escalators and moving walkways

escalators and moving walkways


Passenger Elevator

The SR series Passenger Elevator has incorporated advanced technologies and a mature modularized product design. It consists of a computer intelligent control system, a 32-bit computer network control, several group-controls with expert intelligence, a VVVF digital frequency-variable driver, and absolute displacement memories for the elevator car, all of which bring powerful functions and astonishing performance to our product. Our elevator is widely adapted to applications of various circumstances and client needs with distinguishing choices of elevator car decorations and human-machine interfaces, providing our clients with elegant facility and comfortable riding experiences. The product has adopted the leading permanent magnetic synchronous driver technology and a small machine room (SMR) solution which can save energy, space and construction cost. The technology is suitable for applications in high-rise residence complex, office building, hotel, institute, school building and various other public venues.

Safe and Reliable
.  VVVF frequency-variable driver ensures a stable operation without peak currents.
.  We have control software that ensures optimal performance for building elevator.
.  Diligent decoration in the elevator car will provide passengers a safe, stable and comfortable riding experience.

Environmental Protection and Energy Saving
. The outstanding permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction motor has only 40% of the energy consumption than traditional ones.
. Quiet, maintenance free, no oil containment, high torque, powerful and stable driver output.
.  energy feedback device to recycle energy.
. The energy feedback device is operating concurrently with the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology, Overall energy saving rate up to 50%.

Comfortable Riding Experience
.  VVVF frequency-variable driver ensures a stable operation without peak currents.
.  We have control software that ensures optimal performance for building elevator.
.  Diligent decoration in the elevator car will provide passengers a safe, stable and comfortable riding experience.

Human-oriented Design
.  Tailored solutions, multiple choices, we customize elevators for each building.
.  Non-standard elevators with the same quick service .
.  Human engineering principles applied in the designs of the elevator car and human-machine interface, which is rationally arranged and can be easily operated.
.  We will provide you with a whole set of elevator system that most fits the building as the specific condition, transportation capacity demand and other requirement.

passenger elevator

passenger elevator

Our passenger elevator is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide passenger elevator with good services for you! 

Villa Elevator

BAHD SR series
luxury villa elevator with a excellence process
and an enparalleled degree of comfort and beauty
pay more attention to enviromental protect and health
is your”low carbon”pionner of life.

at the same time bring your the best elevator ride to enjoy the  villa.

*Performance security:adehering the researching philosophy of “German quality arrived safety”,villa elevator of SR series has a mare wider guide structure,provide you with a more trusted security.

*Quite and comfortable:SRseries villa use a gearless technology,this technology can ensure the safe operation of the elevator,further improve the comfort of your home.
*Stable operation:the use of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction 
technology,bring you a smooth travel feelings.
*Energy saving and environmental protection:gearless technology siginificantly reduces the
energy consumption of trational ones,it also not necessary to the pump of elevator、tubing 
and the room of place the pump.

BAHD villa elevator is your best choice!

villa elevator

villa elevator

 Our villa elevator is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide villa elevator with good services for you!

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